From the ranks of youngsters who stand now on the morning side of the hill will come our leaders, the future strength and character of the nation.
Sabino Canyon Little League (SCLL) was established in 1979 and our home is at Morris K. Udall Park in Tucson, Arizona. Games and events are held at fields 3, 4, and 5 located at the southwest corner of the Park.
SCLL built and maintains the Snack Bar / Equipment Maintenance Building as well as batting cages, scoreboards, and equipment at the park with funds raised from special events, sponsors, and registration fees. Your continued support with fund raising has helped SCLL to add recent improvements such as shade cover for bleachers, lights on Field 5, Field 4 batting cage, and LED scoreboard on Field 3 and various field improvements.
It is the desire of SCLL to promote and provide a fun and wholesome environment to learn and play Little League Baseball. This web site was created to provide information to the players and parents for current and upcoming events and schedules. If you live within the SCLL league boundaries, come join us in the fun.
Role of the Parent
(From Little League Rule Book)
The parents of millions of Little Leaguers combined with their children, league officials, umpires, managers, coaches, and countless volunteer agencies including sponsors, represent an imposing cross section of our world. Parents must take the initiative to make the local program successful. Little League is not a club in which membership implies babysitting benefits and entertainment privileges.
Practically speaking, Little League is an adult volunteer work project constructed, supervised, and assisted by parents who want to extend this benefit to their children. The parent who shirks this responsibility cannot, in turn, expect others to assume the burden.
Currently, SCLL is planning to host District Five All Stars during the first two weeks of July 2012. We are in need of many volunteers for this event so click here to learn more. SCLL All Stars Information July 2012
Little League Baseball is an all volunteer project promoted and maintained by parent volunteers. If you are not involved helping out, get involved. Click here to volunteer!
So you don’t know how or what to do? Ask one of the many SCLL board members hanging out at the park. They are the individuals wearing the gray T-shirts with the SCLL logo on the front and “Board of Directors” on the back. Any one of these people will help you set up and run a scoreboard, keep score, show you where to get water for the team or show you how to prepare a field for play.
If you are willing to volunteer your time, we will show you how to contribute. It is rewarding. Just ask. Click here to volunteer!
Little League Pledge
I Trust in God. I love my country and will respect its laws. I will play fair and strive to win. But win or lose, I will always do my best.