2014-15 Board Contact List

League Officers Title Phone E-mail
Tim Klomp President 334-7084
Mike Ingram Vice President 400-4927
Sharon Powell Secretary (530) 409-8858
Rachel Klomp Treasurer 591-2511
Brandon Calles Safety Officer 520-310-1307
Chris Sanderson Information Officer
Player Agent Divisions Phone E-mail
Jeff Albright Junior /Senior/50/70, Equipment 906-6738
Cheryl Giardini Majors Player Agent 850-2290
OPEN Minors
Nathan Baker Fall Ball Coordinator/Lead player agent 240-6700
Open A (Coach Pitch) /
Rookie (Tee Ball) Coordinator
Phil Masciola All Star Coordinator
Committee Chairs Function Phone E-Mail
Mitch Baker Assistant Umpire/Schedule 820-0656
Stace Russo Head Umpire 668-6609
Carlos Urtaza Coach Coordinator/Trophies 631-9786
Karen Russo Uniforms/Team Photos 668-6690
Austin Sita Member at large
Andrea Johnson Marketing 400-8284
Will Tanner Grounds/Maint 975-4354
Sarah McDaniel Snack Bar Manager/schedules 247-1775
Carlos Wood Snack Bar 205-2450
Melissa Gomez Sponsorships and Opening Day Coordinator
In order to promote the effective electronic communication between the Sabino Canyon Little League Volunteer Board of Directors and our community, we are providing each individual member’s email address on our site. The views and communication between you and any of our Board members does not necessarily reflect the views of our organization. This also applies to any and all communication on any Social or Electronic media site.