Fall Ball 2015 Major Division


Children will continue to develop baseball fundamentals and their baseball IQ with the help of good instruction and day-to-day experience.  The League will provide ample opportunity to practice all the fundamentals of baseball; throwing, batting, fielding and running in addition to re-enforcing baseball strategies.  The League’s Majors program is the vehicle by which players will practice and learn while focusing on enjoyment and competition.  The games are for player enjoyment, development and will be semi-competitive – scoring is recorded, but there are no standings kept for overall records.

The league will provide the team manager equipment for the season (practice balls, game balls, helmets with facemasks, catchers gear- players should have their own glove and Little League approved baseball bat)

The standard Little League Rule Book will apply with the following additional items:

  1. D5MajorsExtendedSeasonRules
  2. Age: League age ten, eleven and twelve
  3. Dress: T-Shirt/Jersey and team hat are provided by the league as part of the registration fee
    1. Rubber cleats are required for safety purposes (player expense)
    2. Baseball pants are required for games to reduce injuries (player expense)
    3. Belt and socks (player expense)
  4. Batters: Players will use safety helmets with facemasks provided by SCLL or their personal helmets with or without facemasks.  All helmets need to be Little League approved
  5. Assignment of Players: The Player Agent will assign the teams based on the registration numbers.  Teams will have approximately the same number of players by age/experience.  If SCLL does not have enough players, we may combine play with another east side league or not be able to field a team and would cancel this division.