Snack Bar Duties

During the Sping season, each registered player is required to have a parents/guardian work a shift in the snack bar. There is a maximum of two shifts per family. Only the team Manager is exempt from snack bar duty. A buyout of $100.00 per player, up to two players is available through the online registration process. Otherwise a $150 deposit check will be required to finalize player registration.  If you do not show up for your assigned/selected shift, the League will cash your $150.00 deposit check. Please call Sarah McDaniel @ 247-1775 or e-mail @ ASAP if other arrangements can be made. It is not fair to your snack bar teammates, for you not to show up during your shift.

A shift starts at 4:30 (we open at 5:00) and goes until all games are finished and the snack bar manager states that the snack bar is cleaned and dismisses you. This is normally around 9:30 during the week and sometimes later on Friday and Saturday nights. Please plan ahead for a babysitter because no children are allowed in the snack bar.

Every worker is required to dress comfortably and MUST WEAR CLOSE-TOED SHOES (No flip flops or sandals). This is a board of health rule not an SCLL rule. Every worker must be at least 18 years of age. Please do not send in siblings under 18 to work a shift. It is a board of health rule that a worker must be 16 years of age to work with hot food and must be over 18 to work the grill. Because we designate grill duties on a first-come, first choice basis, all workers must be over 18. We do approve some under 18 workers as these workers are pre-approved and must work all day on opening day as volunteers. This is the busiest day of the year and the best day to be trained. These workers must be approved by the snack bar committee. Please contact Sarah McDaniel if you have a 16 or 17 year old child that would like to volunteer.

There are three work areas in the snack bar. Area one is the front counter and cash register. Our register is pre-programmed with pricing so no memorization is necessary. If you wish to do the front counter, please arrive early to allow us time to train you. The second work area is the back counter. This person will be making snow cones, making nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzels and all other hot food. The third area is the grill and this person is allowed to leave the earliest as we normally shut down the grill around 8:45. After cleaning and shutting down the grill area, this person may lock up the grill area and leave.  This position is much in demand for this reason. Our league hires a snack bar manager and this person is always in the snack bar when the snack bar is open.

If you are working a shift, please remember absolutely no children are allowed to enter the snack bar area.
I know these rules seem stringent, but they are necessary. Your snack bar shift is supposed to be a fun opportunity for you to work alongside your teammate’s families. So please remember to have fun!

Sarah McDaniel  –  Snack Bar Manager/Schedules