Snack Bar

Sabino Canyon Little League takes pride in its snack bar. We understand that the snack bar is sometimes more than a “snack bar”. We know that many busy families choose to have their family dinners at the park. This is why our snack bar uses only ground sirloin in our burgers and an all beef hot dog. We broadened our menu with the addition of restaurant quality bratwurst, chicken sandwiches and triple-decker BLT sandwiches on potato bread. Our pizzas are from Pizza Hut and in a personal size. We also offer soft pretzels, nachos, churros, fresh baked cookies, snow cones and several ice cream options.

Premium Meals
Bratwurst $2.50
Cheeseburger $3.50
Chicken Sandwich $3.00
Hot Dog $1.50
Chili Dog $2.00
Hamburger $3.00
Boca Burger $3.00
Pizza Hut Personal Pan $5.00
Corn Dog $1.50
BLT $4.00
Chicken BLT $4.50
BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich with a side Cole Slaw and chips.
Assorted Snacks
Cookie(2) 2/$1.00
Nachos $2.00
Pretzel $1.50
Pretzel w/Cheese $1.75
Chips $0.50
Corn Nuts $0.75
Beef Jerkey $0.50
Peanuts $1.50
Popcorn $1.00
Sunflower Seeds $1.00

Other Items

Meal Deal (Soda & Chip) $1.00
2015 SCLL CUP $15.00
SCLL Sticker $3.00
Tickets-Qty 10 $10.00
Tickets-Qty 1 $1.00
Double meat 1.25
Soda – Medium $1.50
Soda-Large $2.50
Gatorade $1.75
Water Bottle-Small $1.00
Water Bottle-Large $1.50
Sunny Delight $0.50
Cup of Water/Ice $0.50
Frozen Items
Ice Cream Novelties $1.50
Sno-Cone $1.00


Candy-Chocolate/middle Shelf $0.75
Candy-Lower Shelf $0.50
Candy-Upper Shelf $0.25
Candy – Premium $1.00