Umpire Information Updated 1/3/14

Notice:   I’m currently collecting information and dates for the upcoming 2016 season.   I will post them as soon as I know.  If you umpired for SCLL last season, I will be sending you an email with that info. Everyone will be required to fill out a new umpire application for this season and get it in ASAP.   , email them to the head umpire if you can scan them or mail them to the head umpire.  Call if you need the street address.

Contact the league head umpire about being an umpire or fill out an Umpire Application.

Beginning of season info:

  • District 5 is offering their field mechanics clinics again this season:
    • You are very, very highly encouraged to attend one of the District 5 field mechanics clinics.
  • Signing up for games will be done in a similar manner as last year. At the SCLL clinic, I will be handing out your user name and password for the web site. When the game schedule is available you can go to the web site and bid for the games you can work. The games will be assigned in a round robin fashion giving everyone an equal chance of getting the games they bid for. I will explain the process further at the clinic.


Have you had a confrontation with an adult manager or coach? It does happen…  If it does, stay calm. Be polite. Ask your other umpire to come and help. Explain what you saw and how you determined the outcome. If it is a judgment call (strikes, balls, safes, and outs), the manager/coach has no recourse and should not be questioning it (see rule 9.02(a)). However, if it is a rule interpretation, ask the manager/coach to supply the rule number and look it up together. If both umpires agree with the manager/coach then overturn the call. If you do not agree with his interpretation then let the call stand. Always try to make the right call. Always keep your anger under control and act as a responsible adult even though those around you may not be. Avoid an ejection by giving a warning first. In most cases there is someone from the umpire committee to help you with rule interpretations but if you find yourself alone use the assets of the other umpire. Know the rules and you can be confident in your discussions and decisions. Always keep your cool. It is just a Little League game.

Information and downloads

Baseball rule myths – Uncovered

2013 Umpire Rules Instruction Manual